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Full Settings Descriptions

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Field Description
Enable/Disable Check the box to make this Riverty payment method available to your webshop's customers in this country.
Title Enter the name of the payment method, as it will appear to the customer on the checkout page.
Extra information Enter the extended information shown to the customer at checkout. This can be a detailed description, information about current campaigns, etc.
Portfolio Number (NL/BE Only) Enter the Portfolio Number you got from your Key Account Manager.
Portfolio Password (NL/BE Only) Enter the Portfolio Password you got from your Key Account Manager.
API Key The Auth key for transactions. You can get a test Auth key from your Key Account Manager. You must use a separate Auth key for each country, but you can use the same Auth key for each payment method in the same country.
Lower threshold The minimum shopping cart value for which Riverty will be available as a payment method. Value is in the country's local currency
Upper threshold The maximum shopping cart value for which Riverty will be available as a payment method. Value is in the country's local currency.
Test Mode Check this box to tell Riverty that you are making test transactions. In Test Mode, customer verification/risk checks always return positive, transactions won't be rejected because the address is wrong, and the money will not be added to the merchant's settlement account. There will be no emails sent to the customer, and no Customer Portal where they can pay the invoice.
Debug mail If you enter an email address here, the complete technical details of each Riverty transaction in your webshop will be sent to that address.
Show phone number Check the box to ask the customer for their phone number in the Riverty section of the checkout page. If your WooCommerce checkout page is already configured to collect the customer's phone number, you can leave this unchecked.
Show date of birth This setting should be enabled by default.
Show terms and conditions Check the box to display Riverty's Terms & Conditions text and checkbox in the Riverty section of the checkout page. The content is provided automatically by the Riverty plugin. The text will be in the country's local language, and specific to that country's legal requirements.
Exclude shipping methods Do not show Riverty if selected shipping methods are used.
Use custom housenumber field Enter a custom label for the "House Number" field in checkout. Leave empty to use the default label.
Use custom housenumber addition field Enter a custom label for the "Apartment Number" field in checkout. Leave empty to use the default label.
IP restriction If you enter an IP address, this payment method will only be displayed to customers coming from that public IP address.This is useful in testing mode - you can show the payment method only to your own computer or office network until you are ready to go live. To find your current public IP, go to http://Google.com and type in "what is my ip".
Enable captures If you check this box, the plugin will attempt to Capture the orders automatically. Do not check this box if you have a warehouse/stock management system that is separately integrated with Riverty (using the same Auth key), and it sends the Capture call when an item is shipped, independently of the WooCommerce webshop.
Way of captures Automatically after authorization - the plugin will make a Capture as part of the checkout process. Based on Woocommerce Status - the plugin will make a Capture when the order is set to a particular status in the webshop. (See below)
Status to capture based on If Way of captures is set to Based on Woocommerce status, the plugin will capture the invoice amount as soon as the order is set to this status.
Enable refunds Check this box to allow refunds from the webshop's backend interface. They will be processed by Riverty. Otherwise, any refund to the customer will have to be handled entirely outside Riverty. To refund an order via Riverty, open your Wordpress Admin Panel and go to WooCommerce > Orders > click on an order > Refund. You will have two options: Refund manually (outside of Riverty) and Refund via Riverty.
Refund tax percentage The VAT rate used when you make a refund via Riverty. Because the Riverty module can refund a given amount (but not individual invoice items), the VAT share of the original invoice amount needs to be handled correctly. If you have items that were charged at a non-standard VAT rate, use Refund manually.
Compatibility with Germanized Check this box to use a Title (Mr/Mrs/etc.) field that's customized for German-speaking countries, instead of WooCommerce's generic Title field.
Merchant ID (NL/BE Only) Use this field to configure merchant specific terms and conditions based on the Merchant ID