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Receivables Information

Individual parking sessions are submitted to Riverty via the Receivable end point. Once recieved, Riverty will attempt to match the License Plate Number with the local Motor Vehicle registry. This process can be as short as 5 minutes, but can take longer depending on the process times of the local authorities. If the license plate is matched, Riverty will provide the Parking Provider with the agree upon funds and then providing invoice and customer support services to the consumer. If the license plate cannot be matched, Riverty to inform the Parking Provider of the non-match via webhook at which point the Parking Provider can re-submit a Recievable with updated information or process the invoice on their own.

Parking Apps

If you provide your consumer the option of paying via app, simply do not submit transaction from those consumers to Riverty. If a consumer is accidentally charge both via app and via Riverty, Riverty can cancel the transactions within its systems via its customer support service. Customer service will inform the Parking Provider via webhook if a dispute is lodged by the consumer.

Process Flow