Creating a Subscription Period

After creating a subscription, the next step is to add a subscription period. Each period is financed and invoiced individually and can be customized to match any subscription model. Using the partner API, the partner/merchant is responsible for creating the individual periods and triggering the invoice process for the individual periods using the Create an invoice request.

When a subscription period is created, Riverty purchases this period and settles the period price minus the product fee towards the merchant. For more information see Subscription Financing

PUT /v1/clients/{{ClientID}}/partner-subscriptions/{{PartnerSubscriptionID}}/periods/{{SubscriptionPeriodID}}

  • ClientID = Your Riverty client_id
  • PartnerSubscriptionID = The subscription ID
  • SubscriptionPeriodID = Assign your internal reference to this period. When left blank Riverty will assign an id

Subscription Period Call Example

  "start": "{{StartDate}}",
  "end": "{{EndDate}}",
  "price": {
    "grossAmount": 10,
    "vatPercentage": 50

Subscription Period Response Example

  "missing": "missing"