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Subscription Financing

Recurring Payments offers a range of subscription financing solutions tailored to various subscription models. The primary objective of subscription financing is to provide merchants with the means to stabilize their cash flow and potentially unlock future subscription revenues to fuel business growth.

In the subscription financing process, Riverty acquires subscription invoices and assumes responsibility for credit and fraud risks. This includes the management of invoice creation, distribution, and payment collection. By handling these aspects, Riverty allows merchants to concentrate on their core business operations without the added concern of invoice management and payment collection.

Utilizing the Subscription API facilitates the automatic purchase of new subscription periods as soon as they are generated. Additionally, the Partner Financing API streamlines the acquisition of new periods through the Partner Financing API

Riverty's APIs are designed to provide real-time responses to purchase requests, ensuring a seamless subscription lifecycle and continuous renewal of new subscription periods, thereby preventing any disruptions.

Financing Types

Billing Financing

Riverty purchases the merchant's individual subscription periods each time the subscription is renewed. Once purchased, the funds are instantly settled towards the merchant while Recurring Payments' financing fee is deducted from each settlement towards the merchant. This financing type is ideal for merchants with a subscription model where consumers are allowed to cancel their subscription at any time throughout the subscription lifecycle.

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Contract financing

This financing option is designed for subscription models with a predetermined period during which customers are committed to the subscription before having the option to cancel. In the case of contract financing, Riverty buys the complete obligation period in advance. This ensures that merchants receive their future subscription revenues upfront at the commencement of each new subscription. As with billing financing, the financing fee is subtracted from the settlement for each subscription.

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