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Recurring payments is a product designed to simplify the offering and usage of subscriptions for both merchants and customers. Recurring payments focuses on stabilizing merchants' cash flow by purchasing their future subscription invoices and facilitating the invoice and payment process. Our mission is to become the most human centric fintech in the world. This drives us to provide customers with a user journey that is focused on the individual.

Recurring payments covers the entire subscription lifecycle from starting new subscriptions through debt collection. Riverty takes over full fraud and credit risk of your subscriptions, provides an optimized digital invoice and customer payment journey, and focuses on increasing the renewal rate of your subscriptions.

Recurring payments allows merchants to focus on their core business and do what their customers love. Let Riverty take care of the rest.

Benefits for merchants:

  • Stabilized cashflow
  • Financing of future revenue
  • Churn prevention
  • Consumer loyalty

Benefits for customers:

  • Digital user journey
  • Global and local payment methods
  • Frictionless automated payments
  • Human centric payment collection

Basic Process Flow