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Subscription API

The Subscription API is built for merchants who want to make use of Riverty's subscription management capabilities. The subscription API handles the subscription product catalogue, invoice rating & billing and general subscription management functions (starting, cancelling, pausing etc.).

The subscription API contains the following operations:


1. Create subscription products
We suggest starting by using the Create Subscription Product operation to develop various subscription product options. The product object encompasses the core logic governing subscription financing and user experience. These distinct products can then be combined into a subscription using the Start a Subscription operation, and you can repeat their use within a subscription without any restrictions.

2. Create customer
Create a customer using the Create a Customer operation. For more information please visit the Customer API.

3. Start subscription
Lastly, within the Start a Subscription operation you can combine the created products with the consumer information along with configuring the starting and invoicing date of the subscription. This operation starts the Customer Risk Check and, when approved, the subscription will be financed.