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Invoicing Process

The recurring payments product is designed to simplify and streamline the invoicing process for consumers who have purchased subscriptions. It automates the generation and delivery of invoices on a recurring basis, ensuring a hassle-free payment experience. With our product, customers enjoy the convenience of automated payments.

Customer touchpoints

The customer journey heavily depends on if the invoice is paid on time. In case of overdue payments, customers will receive multiple reminders before ending up in debt collection. Our goal is preventing customers from paying additional fees.

Below you can see a consumer journey in Sweden:

Invoice process Sweden.png

Day 0 Onboarding Email: Riverty initiates smooth onboarding via an email introducing the process and emphasizing Direct Debit benefits for seamless payments.

Day 14 Invoice Email: Our system auto-generates detailed invoices for subscription periods, including charges, due date, and payment options. For customers with linked Direct Debit, invoices are sent with a clear successful charge confirmation, requiring no action.

Day 16 Soft Reminder Email: If the customer does not pay an invoice within 14 days of the due date, Recurring Payments will send a friendly reminder email nudging customers to settle the invoice promptly before incurring reminder charges.

Day 19 Reminder Email: Following the soft reminder, an email with a late payment fee is sent, urging prompt settlement to avoid further penalties and potential debt collection.

Day 24 Pre-collection Notice via SMS: If the outstanding invoice remains unpaid, we issue a pre-collection SMS as a final warning before debt collection, stressing the urgency to settle the invoice.

Day 32 Debt Collection Letter: If a customer has not paid after all the reminders were sent, we will send a physical debt collection letter.

Communication channels

In total recurring payments use four different communication channels to reach out to the consumer.

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Email: We send all important information (like invoices and payment reminders) to customers' registered Email addresses. Emails also include links to the digital web invoice for easy and convenient payment. Digital Web Invoice: Customers can access their invoices from the emails or by scanning the QR code on a physical letter. These invoices are interactive and reflect on the current status of the invoice where customers can also complete the payment.
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SMS: To ensure the broadest possible reach, we SMS customers in the pre-debt stage, providing prompt invoice access via action links. Physical Letter: We distribute physical letters to customers when they do not response to Email or SMS.