Strong Customer Authentication (SCA)

Riverty takes over full fraud and credit risk exposure when financing subscription periods. To appropriately mitigate fraud risk, Riverty has the right to conduct a SCA (strong customer authentication) check when new subscriptions are created. SCA is a minimally disruptive redirect process used to verify the identity of the consumer. Note, SCA is not needed for consumers who prepay.

Recurring payments uses the following SCA methods:

User flow

Risk - Strong Customer Authentication (7).png


A status query parameter, based on the result of the SCA, is added to the callback URL when SCA is completed and the consumer is redirected to the merchant website via the callback URL to continue checkout.

Recurring Payments has three statuses:

  • Success - indicating that the SCA check was successful.
  • Abort - indicating that the user aborted or failed the SCA check
  • Error - indicating that something unexpected happened

After a successful SCA, the subscription is created and able to be fetched.

Starting a new session

If a previous session fails, or is canceled for any reason, you are able to create a new session by using the same SCA URL.