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The recurring payment subscription is updated.

The message will be published whenever an API call updates the subscription.

Property Type Optional Comment
IsBillable true (1) or false (0) No Is the subscription currently billable
BillingDayOffset number(integer) No When an invoice is created for a subscription period, in relation to a subscription period start. If a period start 1.1 and we have a billing day offset of 5, the invoice for that period will be created on the 6 of January (1+5).
Metadata string Yes Metadata as provided by merchant
SubscriptionId string(100) No The Id of the subscription as proved by the merchant
SubscriptionStatus string No Stauts of the subscription, one of:
NotStarted, Active, Closing, Closed
ActiveFrom DateTimeOffset No When the subscriptions was/will be active from
UpdatedAt DateTimeOffset No When the subscription was updated