Partner API


The Partner API provide an integration point where merchants can leverage external subscription management systems (e.g product catalogue, rating and billing, and subscription management) while still making use of the Recurring Payments subscription financing and optimized consumer (payment) experience features. This integration is designed for merchants that make use of 3rd party subscription management providers or their own internal platform.


Partner financing API.png

This workflow starts by making a Create a Subscription request. This request performs the Customer Risk Check based on the subscription and consumer details. When successful, the subscription is created and new periods can be raised.

Each new period needs to be raised through the Create a Period request. Each period contains a certain length and value of the recurring products. Once a period is successfully created Riverty will purchase this period and settle the funds towards the merchant. At this stage, Riverty owns the future receivable that will arise from this period.

Lastly, an Start a Subscription request is done to start the invoicing process. This request can be done anywhere during the period and will trigger Riverty to invoice the customer. The customer will receive an email with the invoice details and a link to our web invoice [link to payment experience]. On this web based application, the consumer can pay individual invoices or set up an automated payment process via DirectDebit or CreditCards.