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Update Order

Change the contents of an Authorized but not Captured order. Use this call to add or remove items in an existing Order, without creating a new orderNumber. You must provide the entire body of the query, in the same format as Authorize, including all Order Items. (If you added an item, Update Order must contain previously Authorized items as well. If you removed an item, Update Order must contain the new full list of Order Items.) If the TotalGrossAmount has increased compared to the Authorize call for this orderNumber, a new Risk Check will be made for the additional amount. If the additional Risk Check returns a rejection, the original Authorize will remain valid.


POST /api/v3/orders/{orderNumber}/updateOrder

Request Parameters

orderNumber required
Order number

Request Body


Order details
string > 20 Characters
Can be used by purchasing company if they would like to provide internal reference
Can be used by selling company if they would like to provide specific reference for purchasing company. This field is limited to 20 characters, longer values will be truncated to fit within the specified limit.


Successful Request, +1 JacketUnsuccessful Request, Item Totals Not Updated

Response Example

 "outcome": "Accepted",
 "reservationId": "f76c54b6-7183-4d19-8d2b-292ed93ca96d",
 "checkoutId": "e0dd7344-fa0a-4a15-9004-6969fc411957",
 "expirationDate": "2023-10-28"

Request Example

 "updateOrderSummary": {
  "totalNetAmount": 239.41,
  "totalGrossAmount": 285,
  "currency": "EUR",
  "items": [
    "productId": "4534-BLK-M",
    "description": "Leather jacket, Black, size M",
    "grossUnitPrice": 100,
    "netUnitPrice": 84,
    "quantity": 2,
    "vatPercent": 19,
    "vatAmount": 16,
    "imageUrl": "https://developer-sandbox.riverty.com/images/black_leather_jacket.jpg"
    "productId": "5745-GRY-M",
    "description": "Socks, Grey, Size M",
    "grossUnitPrice": 10,
    "netUnitPrice": 8.4,
    "quantity": 5,
    "vatPercent": 19,
    "vatAmount": 1.6,
    "imageUrl": "https://developer-sandbox.riverty.com/images/grey_socks.jpg"
    "productId": "3323-BRN-M",
    "description": "Woolen hat, brown, Size M",
    "grossUnitPrice": 30,
    "netUnitPrice": 25.21,
    "quantity": 1,
    "vatPercent": 19,
    "vatAmount": 4.79,
    "imageUrl": "https://developer-sandbox.riverty.com/images/brown_wool_hat.jpg"
    "productId": "SHIP",
    "description": "Shipping",
    "type": "ShippingFee",
    "grossUnitPrice": 5,
    "netUnitPrice": 4.2,
    "quantity": 1,
    "vatPercent": 19,
    "vatAmount": 0.8