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Customer LookUp

Why Customer LookUp is Interesting

Riverty provides several localized lookup services (Nordics only) to fetch a consumer's address. Customer LookUp services minimize the amount of data that consumers need to enter. The following information is needed to perform LookUp services:

Country Information required for lookup
Sweden SSN
Norway Mobile number, postal code
Finland SSN, postal code

Detailed API Specification: Customer LookUp Call

How Customer LookUp Works

If the consumers data is found, the consumer's personal details will be returned. If the consumer's data is not found, or if the Customer LookUp service is not being used, the shopper will be asked to enter all required information. Please refer to the Authorize Payment in Riverty API Specifications to see what information needs to be provided in the latter case.

For B2B lookup, please provide Organization Number instead of identificationNumber.

An Example (Sweden)

Customer LookUp 1.png