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This guide describes the steps to quickly install, configure, test and activate the Riverty payment methods in your Magento 2 store.

Riverty offers 5 different payment options via Magento 2:

  • 14-day invoice - This is the default 14-day invoice payment method in Riverty. It is always available in every market where AfterPay operates. It is primarily meant for business-to-consumer sales.
  • Campaign invoice - During peak seasons, such as Christmas, merchants may use campaign invoicing, which allows shoppers extended payment terms per purchase or a fixed due date.
  • Direct Debit - This is a Direct Debit version of the 14-day invoice payment method Instead of receiving an invoice to be paid via their bank, the customer enters their bank details, and the money is immediately deducted from their bank account.
  • Instalments - This is a Part Payment invoice. The customer can split their purchase over multiple monthly payments.
  • B2B invoice - This is the B2B consumer version of the default 14-day invoice payment method in Riverty.
  • Pay in 3 - This is a part payment product, but unlike regular installment plans this product offering is not bound by the consumer credit laws as our payments will be always completed within 90 days.

The available payment methods per country for Magento 2 can be found in this table:

Country 14-day invoice Direct Debit Campaign invoice Fixed instalments Flex payment B2B invoice Pay in 3
The Netherlands x x x x
Belgium x x
Germany x x x x
Austria x x x
Switzerland x
Sweden x x x x x
Norway x x x x x
Finland x x x x x
Denmark x x x x x


In this chapter we will explain how you can install and configure Riverty for your Magento webshop.


There are two ways to install our plugin. You can install the plugin via SSH through composer. This is the recommended way due to the availability of direct updates. Or you can install the plugin via the Marketplace. At the moment updates are not directly available through the marketplace as Magento is reviewing every release before they publish it. Having a magento webshop running with version 2 or above is a prerequisite.

SSH (recommended)

You can install the extension through SSH, using composer. Updates are directly available via SSH.

1) Change the directory to project root/ folder, and run the following command to install and update the Riverty module and dependencies:

composer require arvato/afterpay-magento-2-extension

2) Upgrade and flush Magento cache

php bin/magento setup:upgrade

php bin/magento cache:flush


You are also able to install the plugin via the Magento Marketplace. Due to the currently long release reviews by Magento the updates will only be available with delays. You can find the Riverty extension here.

Basic settings

Please log into your Magento admin page and navigate to Stores -> Configuration -> Sales -> Payment Methods.

The Riverty payment methods are split per country. Therefore, activate the Riverty payment method based on the countries with the values shown below and from the mail you received from your Riverty implementation consultant.

Important: For backwards compatibility in The Netherlands and Belgium, Legacy SOAP payment methods are still included. Please do not use those unless specified otherwise by Riverty.

1) Enable the 14-day invoice payment method. If you want to offer other Riverty payment methods, make sure that the 14-day invoice payment method is enabled.

2) Enter the maximum order value

3) Set Connection Mode to Test if you received a test key. If you created your own Sandbox key via the developer portal set the Connection Mode to Sandbox. You can find more information on our sandbox here.

4) Enter the API key in the Test API Key or if you are testing, use sandbox in Sandbox API Key.

5) (optional) If you are testing the connection on your production environment you need to activate the IP restriction. The payment method will only be shown to the IP address that is entered in Magento. This will prevent customers from seeing the test payment method.

Magento Test mode settings.png

Advanced settings (optional)

Advanced settings are optional. Everything is setup correctly as standard. Only for some special integrations it can be necessary to amend these settings. Be careful when changing these settings. Please contact your Implementation Manager when you are in doubt.

You will find the advanced and developer settings in the "Support" section below.


After completing the setup the next step is to test the connection.

Standard test scenarios

Please submit the following test scenarios. To check your own test transactions proceed to paragraph "check test order" below. Complete the table with your order numbers and send it to your Riverty Implementation Manager. You can put multiple test cases in one order but please refer to the right order number after each testcase.

# Test case Order number
1. Test an order with multiple products
2. Test an order with a fixed discount
3. Test an order with a percentual discount
4. Test an order with a shipping fee
5. Test an order with an alternate delivery address
6. Test an order with pick-up points (if applicable)
7. Test an order with store pick-up (if applicable)
8. Test an order with a house number addition
9. Test and make sure the VAT is correctly received by Riverty

Payment method scenarios

After you tested all standard scenarios for the 14-day invoice you should start testing the other payment methods you activated. Please complete the tables with your order numbers and send them to your Riverty Implementation Manager.

Customer facing messages

It is also necessary to check if the error messages are correctly shown to the customer.

  • Test a rejected authorize. Please make sure that the customer friendly message is displayed correctly in the check-out.
  • Test validation error. Please make sure that the customer friendly message is displayed correctly in the check-out.

Check Test Order

You are able to verify the transactions on the Riverty side by yourself. You can do this with the Get Order call. You can send these calls for example with Postman. The response will show you how the transactions a registered on the Riverty side. Documentation for the Get Order call can be found below.

Get Order

Visual Guidelines

In this chapter we will explain the Riverty visual guidelines you need to apply to your webshop.

Logos and banners

For convenience and a familiar customer experience, please integrate/enclose the Riverty logo in your Checkout next to the payment method. Please refer to our Merchant Playbook for full details on how to make the customer experience smooth and frictionless.

When Implementing the Riverty logo throughout the shopping experience please ensure you are using our URL, not by downloading the image. The Riverty logos are hosted on a Content Delivery Network (CDN) to ensure the best performance and availability for your website. Furthermore, you do not have to care about changes, which are all done by Riverty.

We provide two types of logos through our CDN - .svg and .png. We recommend using the Riverty logo as a .svg file with regard to the quality and size of the file. If you prefer .png just change the end of the URL to .png.

Riverty-AfterPay Checkout Logo in SVG


Terms and Conditions

Riverty mandates that consumers be presented with Riverty's terms and conditions and Privacy Policy upon checkout. Thus the option to display the T&C should always be enabled in the plugin configuration. In certain cases where you would like to incorporate the Riverty T&C and Privacy Policy within your own Terms and Conditions, this must be done only with approval from Riverty's legal counsel. After approval include the country specific T&C and Privacy Policy resources.


In this chapter we will explain which steps you need to take to enable the payment method on production. For the final go-live a contract between you and Riverty is required.

Configure live mode

1) Make sure to completed the testing with your implementation consultant. Once you received the production key you can continue.

2) Make sure you configured the payment methods correctly on the production environment.

3) Enter the API key in the Production API key.

4) Set Connection Mode to Production.

5) Enable the payment method

Magento 2 settings screenshot.png

Riverty Merchant Portal

Be sure to sign up for a free Riverty Merchant Portal Account!

Initial sign-up will provide a test Merchant Portal account for you to explore, manage test transactions, and access test API keys. A full guide can be found in the portal's collapsed left menu. The live portal is provided once KYC and contract signing are complete.


Congratulations! You just went live with your Riverty connection. Please notify your Riverty Implementation Manager that you went live. If you encounter any issues in the upcoming week you can contact your Riverty Implementation Manager. After that period you can contact our local Merchant Desk for help.


Advanced payment method settings

1) Chose a respective title and a tagline. This is very crucial in order to drive conversion for your webshop. Please follow the recommendations in our merchant playbooks: Dutch, German, English

2) You are able to exclude Riverty when a certain shipping method is selected. This can be useful if you are not able to send the shipping address to Riverty.

3) Enable terms and conditions. Select yes to include check-boxes for Riverty's own T&Cs and Privacy Policy at checkout. If you select no, make sure that you collect the customer's consent to the Riverty Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy before the completion of the payment in your webshop!

4) Minimum order total. This is the minimum amount you have to put in your shopping cart to display Riverty in the check-out. Leave empty to set no minimum amount.

5) Debug logfile. Select yes to write Riverty specific application logs to the local logfile on your server. The path is shown beneath the drop-down.

6) Debug email. Select yes to send Riverty specific application error alerts to an email address.

7) Payment for applicable customer groups. You are able to enable this payment method for only the selected customer groups.

The following 3 settings apply to prevent validation errors due to risk checks. Please, also refer to your merchant contract and to the consumer information section.

8) Enable phone number input field. If you enable this Riverty will request this data after you choose the payment method. This can be useful if you are not already requesting this value in your check-out fields. If you already request this please disable this field.

9) Enable Birthday input field. If you enable this Riverty will request this data after you choose the payment method. This can be useful if you are not already requesting this value in your check-out fields. If you already request this please disable this field.

10) Enable gender input field. If you enable this Riverty will request this data after you choose the payment method. This can be useful if you are not already requesting this value in your check-out fields. If you already request this please disable this field.

Magento 2 - Advanced settings.png

Order management settings

If you have to adjust the settings, do not forget to refresh the configuration cache in System => Cache management.

1) Capture Modes - Manual - It will only act upon the actions of the Magento back-end or the Magento API. This will give the best consumer experience. This is applicable if you process orders manually in the back-end of Magento, process orders with an ERP connected to Magento or use the API of Magento. - Yes, direct (current default) - An invoice will be created and captured towards Riverty immediately and communication will be send out three days after the automated capture was performed. This is applicable if you have everything at stock and start processing the shipment immediately after the order is accepted.

Magento Developer Settings Capture 1.png

- Off - Disable all communication regarding capturing and refunding towards Riverty. For example an invoice will not have the option to 'online' capture the order. This is applicable if you don't want any order management (captures / refunds) communication with Riverty. For example if Riverty has the auto-capture functionality enabled in the Riverty back-end systems.<br/> - Yes, at shipping - After authorization, the order will be created and set to processing. But no invoice is created. This will be created and captured when a shipment is created. In case you can only ship when an invoice is created, then the configuration should be set to 'manual'. Then you will get an option for 'auto invoice creation', which should be set to 'yes'. Same as for the options "Force invoice state to PAID instead of PENDING" and "Force capture to be triggered by shipment". This is applicable if you have different processing times of the shipment. This will be the default in the next release, because this setting is applicable for the majority of merchants. - Yes, at selected status - After authorization, the order will be created and set to processing. But no invoice is created. This will be created and captured when the order is set to the configured status. This is applicable if you use order statuses, and want to use a specific order status to trigger capture.

2) Auto invoice creation - With this setting you can enable the automatic creation of invoice without capture being done.

3) Force invoice state to PAID instead of PENDING - This option gives the possibility to set invoices to status PAID, instead of PENDING. This is particularly useful for cases you want to export paid Magento invoices, but do not want to have the invoice captured yet.

4) Force capture to be triggered by shipment - This option gives the possibility to capture the order based on the shipment. You can create the shipment in Magento and based on that the invoice will be captured.

  • Important note: A full shipment will trigger a full capture on the original invoice. A partial shipment will cancel the original invoice and create a new invoice based on the items selected in the shipment. This new invoice will get the status PAID. So if you use an export of invoices with the status 'paid' it should be certain not to import these new invoices again.

Screenshot 2021-12-21 Invoice Creation.png

5) Status Capture Request Accepted - Assign the status that will be applied to the order after successful capture

6) Status Capture Request Refused - Assign the status that will be applied to the order in case the capture is declined

7) Enable Refund - Enable refunds towards Riverty from Magento.

Magento Developer Settings Syayus Capture.png

8) Use Void For Cancelled Uncaptured Orders - If you Cancel and order that it is not yet captured, that will trigger a Void request to be sent towards Riverty.

9) Calculate Discount Per Item In The Cart - With this configuration option you can choose to calculate the discount per order item line, instead of one discount order line. This is helpful if you are selling products in different VAT categories and uses discounts. In this way the correct VAT amount is discounted.

10) Error message timeout in ms - With this configuration option you can decide how long an error message should be shown in the checkout. Error messages automatically disappears quite fast in the default Magento setup with this option you can adjust this behavior.

11) Allowed Developer IP - Here the developer can fill in it's IP address if IP restriction is enabled, to make the payment methods visible only for this IP.

Magento Developer Settings bottom 2.png


The Riverty Magento 2 module is tested up until version 2.4.3 of Magento 2.

Module version 2.0 and up is up to the new standards with Magento 2, and therefore more stable and useful. But it has a dependency which requires a minimum of Magento version 2.2.4.

Merchants who use a version older than Magento 2.2.4 can use version 1.9.1 of the Riverty module, but we advise to update your Magento environment to the latest version to be able to use the latest Riverty module.

The compatibility is tested with the following external plugins:

Release notes

Our complete release notes can be found on our repository page: https://packagist.org/packages/afterpay/afterpay-module

Source code

Our Magento 2 module is an open source module. The source is maintained in BitBucket, and can be found here: https://bitbucket.org/afterpay-plugins/afterpay-magento-2/src/master/