Lightspeed is a global commerce platform provider, offering cloud-based point-of-sale (POS) and e-commerce solutions for businesses, with a focus on retail and restaurant industries.




This guide describes the steps on how to setup the the Riverty Payment app in your Lightspeed connected store.

These payment methods are currently available in the Riverty payment app for Lightspeed:

  • 14-day invoice - Available in every market, 14-day Invoice is the default payment method of Riverty. It is primarly designed for business-to-consumer sales.

  • Pay in 3 - Particularly popular with younger, financially stable audiences buying premium value goods, Pay in 3 splits the check-out amount into 3 interest-free payment parts for completion within 90 days.

  • Direct Debit - This is a Direct Debit version of the 14-day invoice payment method Instead of receiving an invoice to be paid via their bank, the customer enters their bank details, and the money is immediately deducted from their bank account.

The available payment methods per country for Lightspeed can be found in this table:

Country 14-day invoice Pay in 3 Direct Debit
The Netherlands x x x
Belgium x
Germany Expected soon
Austria Expected soon

The payment methods for Germany and Austria are currently in development but are already visible in the settings page. If you're interested in offering these options to your customers, please contact our sales department at


In this chapter we will explain how you can setup your Lightspeed webshop with Riverty.

Getting Yourself Ready

To successfully set up Riverty Payment methods in your Lightspeed connected webshop make sure that the following has been done:

  • You are using Lightspeed C-Series
  • The Riverty app is installed
  • You have a signed contract with Riverty
  • You have access to the Riverty Merchant Portal (


Click on 'Apps" in the left menu in the backend of your Lightspeed platform. purchasedApps.png

Then go to "Purchased Apps" and click on Riverty. Lightspeed-Afterpay (1).png

From the options that appear click on "Go to App". AfterPay-wijzigen-Lightspeed-eCom (1).png

A new tab should open, which is your Riverty Settings Page.


Login to the Riverty merchant portal at Go to the menu in the top left-hand corner. Choose "Developer info".

Copy and paste your Live API Key.


Return to the Riverty Settings page in your Lightspeed admin panel that you opened in Step 1.

Place your Live API key in the corresponding field.

Click on "Save."

activatie-Lightspeed-koppelingen (1).png

Disable the old AfterPay payment methods

If you were previously using Riverty in your checkout process through the native Lightspeed payment method known as 'AfterPay,' you will need to disable this older payment method integration to prevent the payment method from appearing twice in the checkout.

To disable this, please follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Go to Settings ('Instellingen' in Dutch).
  • Step 2: Navigate to Payment Providers ('Betaalproviders' in Dutch).
  • Step 3: Click on the payment provider 'AfterPay.'
  • Step 4: Disable the payment methods by deactivating the first setting, 'Activate this payment provider' ('Activeer deze betaalprovider' in Dutch).



In this chapter we will explain which steps you need to take to enable the payment method on production. For the final go-live a contract between you and Riverty is required.

Last Check (Only applicable for the BeNeLux)

Now that Riverty is live, we only have to check whether orders are also coming in properly. You can test this per Riverty connection by placing a rejected order:

STEP 1: Go to the webshop, and place a product in the shopping cart.

STEP 2: Go to checkout and fill in the necessary information, for the email address you have to enter

STEP 3: Choose the payment method Riverty and finish the order.

RESULT: The Riverty order should be rejected. If this is not the case and instead you receive a technical error or an authorization error please contact your Riverty Implementation Manager.

Riverty Merchant Portal

Be sure to sign up for a free Riverty Merchant Portal Account!

Initial sign-up will provide a test Merchant Portal account for you to explore, manage test transactions, and access test API keys. A full guide can be found in the portal's collapsed left menu. The live portal is provided once KYC and contract signing are complete.


Congratulations! You just went live with your Riverty connection. Please notify your Riverty Implementation Manager that you went live. If you encounter any issues in the upcoming week you can contact your Riverty Implementation Manager. After that period you can contact our local Merchant Desk for help.