Sandbox Environment


Create an account or log in to start testing Riverty tech. in 2 minutes or less. In the Riverty sandbox environment you can:

  1. Generate API Keys For All Markets
  2. Test API Calls
  3. Inspect API Logs
  4. Force Trigger Error Messages

Note: once onboarding begins a Riverty representative will provide access to the Test Environment, which more closely represents our production environment.

Credentials Page:

When you log in, the first page you'll encounter is the "Credentials" page.

Country-Specific API Keys:

Riverty API keys are tied to specific countries. You can choose the country you are interested in and generate the necessary credentials for testing Riverty. These API keys remain valid for a period of 1 year.

Downloading Postman Test Scenarios:

You can download and create a free account to postman Here and can find Riverty entire BNPL Collection and Environment Here

You have the option to download Postman test scenarios and pre-set environments from the "Credentials" page. To import them into Postman, follow these steps:

  1. Open Postman and click on "File" at the top.
  2. Select "Import."
  3. Choose "Upload File."
  4. Locate and select the downloaded file containing the credentials.



Riverty offers a comprehensive API experience by enabling you to incorporate specific triggers in your API calls, resulting in desired outcomes. Visit the Triggers page to view the available triggers. Simply insert the relevant trigger into the designated field within your API call to achieve the desired outcome.


Clear Sandbox Database

On this page, you can clean up the Sandbox database. All data related to your account (voids, captures, refunds, reservations, contracts, orders, checkouts and communication logs) will be deleted.

database new.png

Communication Logs

On the communication logs page, you will find the latest communication log records for your Sandbox environment. The newest logs are on top.

logs new.png

Supported Locals on the Sandbox Environment

This table specifies the supported combinations of country, currency and language.