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Capturing Orders

Manual Capture

The plugin offers automatic as well as manual capture options

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  1. Navigate to the Orders tab
  2. A Capture icon will appear in the order overview once the relevant capture status is reached.
  3. The icon will disappear after successful capture.

Automatic Capture

If automatic capture is enabled in General Settings, captures will be performed by a cronjob in regular intervals. The frequency of automatic captures can be adjusted in the cronjob settings: Group 21648 (1).png

  1. Click System
  2. Click CronJobs
  3. Click the Pencil Icon
  4. Select an **Interval **

Scheduled tasks with cronjob

The Riverty module for Shopware makes use of scheduled tasks to capture orders automatically. A 'capture' initiates the invoicing process towards the customer and should start after orders are being shipped. The scheduled task checks if orders are ready to be captured, and if so executes the capture request.

The scheduled task relies on the Shopware system and most probably are already configured on your Shopware environment because other modules make use of this as well. If not, or if you are not sure that this is done, it is best to take a look at the Shopware documentation. It describes how a scheduled task should be configured in your server environment.

If this is all configured, the Riverty module will add an entry to the database table: scheduled_task Identified as: colo_afterpay.capture_payment_task Normally with the status scheduled or queued. If there is an issue with this scheduled task, then the status will be error. And if so, you should look into the var/log directory to see if there are any descriptions of the problem.

Additional options

Sandbox orders

Sandbox orders will be marked in the order overview by adding a yellow background to the order number. The ordering mode (sandbox or live) is stored with every order and will be taken into account during capture/refund operations.