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Transaction Management Shopware 6

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Before Starting

Please be sure to review the Shopware 6 Guide and complete at least Steps 1-4 to set up a Test, Production, or Sandbox API key.

Please note, screenshots may vary slightly based on which version of Shopware 6 you are using.

Filter For Riverty Transactions

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  1. Login to the Shopware 6 Admin Panel
  2. Click Orders
  3. Click Overview
  4. Click the Filter Icon
  5. Scroll to Payment Method
  6. Select one or multiple of the Riverty Payment Methods your have configured
  7. Close the Filter tab to see the full list of transactions

Access Transaction Management Panel

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  1. Click on the transactions you would like to manage
  2. Click View

Manage Riverty Transactions

Order Status

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  1. Payment Status is displayed and can be updated here.
  2. You can also scroll towards the bottom of the page to review the Status History


In this "Riverty Refund" section, you are able to select the order line that you want to refund and give the amount of products that needs to be refunded. Refunds can only be done on an item level for refunds on orders that were captured via Shopware. By clicking on the 'Refund' button, the refund will be processed towards Riverty.

Full Refunds

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  1. Click the top checkbox to select all items
  2. Click Refund

Partial Refunds

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  1. Select the Item you would like to refund
  2. Scroll to the right
  3. Select the number of items you would like the refund
  4. Click Refund