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Benefit from our smart, human-centric dunning services – for strong customer relationships.

Service Details
Geographic coverage DACH, Nordics, Netherlands, Belgium
Consumer communication E-mail, app, web portal, phone, chat, chatbot
Customer self-service options App, web portal


The dunning process, though uncomfortable, is a necessary aspect of financial transactions. Communicating with individuals who have overdue payments to remind them of their obligations helps recover funds owed, ensuring a consistent cash flow for businesses to provide goods and services. Moreover, dunning offers customers a chance to address issues that might be causing payment delays. When approached with empathy and transparency, the dunning process can preserve business integrity while aiding customers in resolving financial challenges, ultimately benefiting both parties involved. Riverty maintains the dunning process in-house, because we believe that taking responsibility for the externalities of our products is the only fair and sustainable way to conduct business.

Variability in Dunning Regulations

Riverty offers a range of BNPL products in 9 different countries. Each of these product-country pairings require slightly different dunning processes to be compliant with local regulations. Riverty’s local product and legal experts maintain compliance with these processes, so that merchants do not have to worry. Always check with the Merchant Service Desk or your assigned Riverty Relationship Manager for specific questions about how the dunning process is applied to your company’s customers.

Risk Assumption by Riverty

Riverty takes on the risk of consumer payment default on behalf of the merchants. Regardless of whether the consumer pays, the merchant receives the amount due. This means our merchants can focus on their core business without worrying about the financial impact of payment defaults.

Self-Serve Order Management

At Riverty, we understand that order changes, returns, and delays are an unavoidable part of e-commerce. Riverty’s Merchant Portal allows merchants to pause, edit, and cancel orders as needed. This empowers our merchants to personally ensure a high-quality shopping experience and prevent incorrect initiation of payment requests or a dunning process.

  • Order Changes: The Merchant Portal allows for a “partial capture” of orders. Meaning items can be removed from an order or delivered through multiple shipments.

  • Handling Returns: When a consumer decides to return an item, they can register this return via the MyRiverty App or Online Portal. Our system then automatically informs the merchant and halts any payment request processes.

  • Managing Delayed Deliveries: Consumers should not have to pay for goods that are not delivered. The Merchant Portal allows merchants to register any delivery or stocking delays, thereby avoiding premature payment requests being sent to consumers.

Payment Request Process - The 14 & 30 Day Invoice

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Introduction to the Riverty Merchant Portal

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