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14 & 30 Day Invoice

Consumers can pay their invoice 14 or 30 days after ordering.

Service Details
Geographic coverage DACH, Nordics, BeneLux
Consumer communication E-mail, app, web portal, phone, chat, chatbot, social
Customer self-service options App, web portal
Reliable merchant support merchant service desk, merchant portal, 24/7 monitoring service

Consumer Benefits

  1. Exploration: 14- or 30-day Invoice allows customers to touch and feel products before purchase, this builds consumer confidence and empowers brand exploration

  2. Flexibility: 14- or 30-day Invoice offers flexibility in payment timing, allowing consumers to better plan their monthly budgets and even to pause invoices when life becomes unpredictable

  3. Management: All Riverty purchases can be managed with the myRiverty App, allowing for improved organization of finances.

Consumer Experience Flow

Flow Diagram

Check Out

14- or 30-day invoice is listed just like any other payment method allowed by the merchant. When the customer decides on 14- or 30-day invoice, the customer must simply agree to the general T&C and is asked to read the privacy policy. The customer then clicks ‘PAY BY INVOICE’ to complete the check-out process.


Merchant Benefits

  1. Guaranteed Payment: In case of customer non-payment, Riverty assumes the risk, allowing merchants to focus on their business and maintain profitability.

  2. Signal Trust: Providing 14- or 30-day invoice signals trust to your consumers, encouranging them to try your brand or different versions of your offerings.

  3. Diversify Consumer Base: Diversifying your payment methods with 14- or 30-day invoice allows you to better accommodate varying consumer lifestyles, even allowing a payment pause if the unexpected happens.

  4. Higher Average Order Value: Shop. Enjoy. Pay. We provide more purchasing power to the consumer, allowing them to responsibly manage higher order values.

Sequence Diagram

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Introduction to the Riverty Merchant Portal

Be sure to sign up for a Riverty Merchant Portal Account! Individual transactions are managed through the Merchant Portal, along with access to many other features like financial reports and branding.

The Merchant Portal Guide provides a full tour.