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Breakup your payment over 90 days, interest free.

Service Details
Geographic coverage Netherlands
Consumer communication E-mail, app, web portal, phone, chat, chatbot, social
Customer self-service options App, web portal
Reliable merchant support merchant service desk, merchant portal, 24/7 monitoring service

Please also see the Technical Integration Documentation


Consumer Benefits

The Pay-in-3 payment option offers several advantages to consumers:

  1. Interest-Free: Pay-in-3 offers the ability to extend payments for a short time while avoiding the interest cost associated with longer term payment plans

  2. Cash Flow: Splitting payments through the Pay-in-3 option boosts consumers’ cash flow, allowing them to manage essential expenses or invest in other areas, leading to an overall improvement in their financial position

  3. Improved Shopping Experience: Pay-in-3 improves the shopping experience by giving consumers the time and flexibility needed to best fit their financial situation

  4. Budget Management: Splitting larger, one-time purchases into smaller monthly installments makes it easier to manage a monthly budget plan

Consumer Experience Flow

Pay in 3 Flow.png


The checkout highlights the simplicity of this product – easy to pay via iDEAL or bank transfer and that no interest fee would be charged. The customer can see the installment amounts in the checkout directly, as shown in the image below.

Payin3 Checkout 1 (5).png

Merchant Benefits

Offering Pay-in-3 payment option can provide several advantages to merchants:

  1. Higher Order Value: Offering Pay-in-3 increases the average basket size of consumers

  2. Positive Brand Perception: Offering flexible payment options such as Pay-in-3 enhances merchants’ reputation as being customer focused

  3. Guaranteed Payment: In case of customer non-payment, Riverty assumes the risk, allowing merchants to focus on their business and maintain profitability

  4. Reduced Cart Abandonment: Providing a Pay-in-3 option can reduce cart abandonment rates as customers find it easier to manage their finances and complete purchase

Sequence Diagram

Please also see the Technical Integration Documentation

sequence diagram.png

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