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Fixed Installments

Consumers can spread purchases into multiple equal payments that are made at regular intervals, typically on a monthly basis. Fixed Installment plans are offered at low interest for 3, 6, 12, 24 months.

Service Details
Geographical coverage Germany, Austria, Nordics
Consumer communication E-mail, app, web portal, phone, chat, chatbot, social
Customer self-service options App, web portal
Reliable merchant support merchant service desk, merchant portal, 24/7 monitoring service

Please also see the Technical Integration Documentation


Consumer Benefits

  1. Accessibility: With Fixed Installment plans, customers can spread out payments, making high-cost items more accessible. Especially when combined with limited time discounts.

  2. Convenience: Fixed Installment plans are easy to set up and manage. Customers can tailor this payment option to their need – picking shorter periods for quick payoff or longer durations to preserve cashflow. Tracking payments and making changes can easily be done via the MyRiverty app.

  3. Budgeting Ease: Fixed Installment plans provide customers with predictability in their monthly payments, enabling accurate budgeting and smoother financial planning. In the case of a windfall, consumers can pay their installments early with no interest. This is especially important for customers with unpredictable income.

Consumer Experience Flow

Fixed Installments Flow.png


Fixed Installments is listed in checkout like any other payment method. When a consumer selects Fixed Installments, the available payment plans are shown. The consumer can easily review the interest rate, shown both in percentage and currency amount, by selecting the various plans. After selecting and reviewing, the consumer enters their details to complete the check-out process.

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Merchant Benefits

  1. Wider Customer Base: Fixed Installment plans can make products accessible to a broader range of customers, especially those who have an unpredictable budget. This low monthly risk with potential to pay early for consumers can help merchants reach a wider audience.

  2. Customer Loyalty and Retention: Offering flexible payment options like fixed instalments through a well-known company like Riverty builds trust, boosting repeated business and first-time buyers.

  3. Inventory Management & Seasonality: Fixed Installment plans are an additional incentivization tool to discounts and promotions. They can help manage inventory and seasonality, especially in combination with one another.

  4. Guaranteed Payment: In case of customer non-payment, Riverty assumes the risk, allowing merchants to focus on their business and maintain profitability.

Sequence Diagram

Please also see the Technical Integration Documentation

Fixed Installments Flow Diagram.png

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